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An opportunity for fellow artists and painters to refine their practice from a live model for an extended period of time. This is an untutored class that is geared towards individuals who already have some painting experience, although attendees are encouraged to share tips and advice to help each other progress. The same model and pose will be maintained for the entire duration of the long weekend, allowing artists to achieve a substantial painting or drawing with full exploration of colour and tone. It's also a great opportunity to connect and chat to other artists and like minded folk!

Painting starts at 9AM, we break at noon for lunch for an hour, and continue painting until 4PM. Of course, there will be regular breaks for our lovely model to have a stretch!

What you'll need to bring...

  • Please bring your own painting equipment with you (oil paints, palette, painting mediums, brushes etc).

  • We have a limited number of easels, so if you can, please bring your own.

  • Basic drawing materials will be provided (paper, charcoal, graphite, putty rubber).

  • Please bring your own lunch! Tea, coffee and biscuits with be in the studio for breaks throughout the day. 

Recommended Materials List...

Of course, this is a completely open course and you're free to paint or draw in whichever way you see fit. For those looking to paint in oils, here's a basic list of materials you'll be needing:

  • Two or three primed canvases or primed board of varying sizes. Small could be 12 x 16 inch, medium around 16 x 20 inch and large 18 x 24 inch. 

  • Turpentine or your preferred solvent (my personal favourite is Sansodor), with a form of dipping pot.

  • Hog Hair brushes of varying sizes. 

  • Artist grade oil paints give the best results! Brands like Winsor and Newton, Michael Harding and Sennelier are great choices: 

    • Lemon Yellow or Yellow Lake

    • Yellow Ochre,

    • Cadmium Red,

    • Orange,

    • Magenta or Alizarin Crimson,

    • French Ultramarine,

    • Burnt Umber and

    • Titanium White.

    • Bright Green Lake, (optional)

    • Naples Yellow, (optional)

    • Turquoise (optional)

  • A rag or kitchen roll.

Where you'll need to go...

This class takes place at the scenic 'Court Robert Arts' Studios, nestled in the rolling hills of the Usk Valley. As a professional art studio with plenty of natural light, this is the perfect venue for a painting get away! There is free parking on site.

Court Robert Arts is located at Tregare, Raglan, Monmouthshire. NP15 2BZ 

The next session...


Please email Oriane on if you'd like to enquire or book onto this course!

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