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Oriane Pierrepoint is a young self-taught artist who specialises in the medium of figurative portraiture and draughtsmanship. Her career has moved from strength to strength in both her commercial portraiture and commission work, as well as her more conceptual, issue based practise in the sphere of contemporary art.


Pierrepoint's art engages with diseases such as stroke and dementia, and is built upon a long-standing interest in the biomedical sciences. Her pieces confront society's unwillingness to recognise the difficulties faced by some of its most vulnerable members, and are informed by listening to the experiences and memories of stroke victims and those who suffer from dementia. 

Coming from a rural upbringing in the Wye Valley, the animals and companions that accompany an agricultural lifestyle feature prominently in Pierrepoint's commission work. From cats and dogs to sheep and horses, pet and livestock portraiture has been a longstanding element of her artist life. 

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WHO WE ARE | Oxford Brookes University | 2014

RBA exhibition 'Rising Stars' | Mall Galleries and The Lloyd Gallery | 2014

BREAKDOWN | Oxford Brookes University | 2016

Oxford Brookes University | 2017 

FREE RANGE | The Old Truman Brewery | 2017

RESIDENTS | The Old Fire Station Gallery | 2017

FOLD | The Old Fire Station Gallery | 2017

ONE SIZE FITS ALL | The Old Fire Station Gallery | 2017

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