'Tea in Tangier' is a small, vibrant business and travel blog, that explores the wonders of Morocco. Offering a bespoke personal shopper experience, Tea in Tangier collaborates with artisans and designers to source unique, handmade items for the home; from the perfect monochromatic Beni Ourain carpets to a rainbow coloured camel wool blanket, to a vintage teapot and tray. Tea in Tangier's latest endeavour, 'TINT', is a series of exclusive, vivid shawls inspired by various locations around  Morocco. They are hand woven on a loom by women belonging to the Moroccan charity DARNA, an organisation that provides a safe space and education for women and children. I have attempted to create a clear identity for the project; a logo, tags, a leaflet and postcard, along side product photography. 

Tea in Tangier

www.orianepierrepoint.co.uk orianepierrepoint@yahoo.com

Based in South Wales, United Kingdom 

07437 520114

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