How it works.. 

If you would like to commission a portrait, please be ready to provide a high quality photo (in its original format and pixel size) of the individual or animal you would like portrayed. Digital and SLR cameras offer the best quality image and are preferable, however, some smart phones can offer good quality images too. Although only one image will be used as a reference, providing multiple images is always helpful to achieve a more successful and true-to-life portrait, that is not only a likeness but captures personality too. 

A visit can be arranged to take the relevant photos if you are located nearby.

Once the sizing and the reference photo have been selected, the portrait will be underway! Progress photos can be arranged if needed. 

Both charcoal and pastels, as mediums, are incredibly delicate. Therefore they smudge and shift easily, even when fixed. So it is recommended that you frame your portrait as soon as possible, or you can request professional framing as a part of the commission. 

All drawings are shipped safely in a padded, secure box via courier or first class special delivery (tracked and signed for).